Autumn Term dates are now LIVE

Swimming Lessons Beaconsfield

Autumn Term dates are now LIVE

We have now officially released our swimming lesson dates for the coming Autumn Term 2018. Whether you are thinking of joining us or are renewing existing lessons, make sure you visit, where you can book or confirm your place.

Following the Summer break and the Challenge Swimming Programme, Autumn Term will begin on the week commencing Monday 10th of September and run for 13 weeks (not including half term), ending on the week commencing Monday 10th of December.

Why choose weekly term-time lessons?

If you are unsure as to whether our weekly term-time lessons are right for you and your child, look no further than our customer comments!

“My daughter loves her swimming lessons, she looks forward to them each week! I personally think that the format of the lessons, with a 5 minute game at the end works really well in keeping the children engaged and learning throughout the 30 minutes.”

“All 3 of my children have learnt to swim with Neil Bailey Swimming, the staff are fantastic and you really see an improvement each term.”

“My son enjoys his weekly Aquatic Fit and Fun lessons, he is now a great swimmer having progressed through the different levels at Neil Bailey Swimming. I am impressed at how much his style and stamina has improved since he started a year ago.”