Since we began teaching we have prioritised using venues with high standards of water treatment. This is key to providing a clean and safe environment that we would be happy for our families to swim in. This has taken on an even greater importance during this pandemic. We are working closely with our pool operators to ensure that the testing and disinfecting of the pool water will continue at a high level. Chlorine is able to deactivate and kill the virus, minimising transferal rates in the water.

There are a number of elements of the swimming environment we have adapted to keep our environment clean and safe:

  • Social distancing (which have all become familiar with over the past few months) will apply in the water where safe.
  • We will be adopting temperature checks on arrival as well as spaced waiting zones (used at the beginning of lessons and whilst receiving instructions during the lessons)
  • Swimmers will need to arrive ready to enter the pool, with our changing rooms adapted to a beach-style changing. This is to reduce time spent in these locations.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitising of surfaces, bathrooms and touch points.
  • Hand washing and hand sanitising stations around the venue.
  • Teachers will be screened before returning to work and will be following a strict ‘fit to work’ rule to ensure they are safe to work alongside our swimmers.
  • Poolside teaching as standard unless for the safety of the swimmer a teacher is required to provide support. Face shield PPE will be worn by all staff members teaching in the water.
  • There will no longer be paperwork, unused equipment or lost property items at our venues.
  • Personal equipment will be used throughout the lessons, disinfected in the chlorinated pool water in between users.
  • Our lessons will be adapted with modifications made to the exercises we practise and the end-of-session games
  • Where possible we will be using the dehumidifying systems at each location to increase air flow.