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We are a rapidly evolving swim school based in the High Wycombe area. We have progressed from a simple family facing swim school that taught children in the age range from 3 to 9 years old to a very broad offering swim provider. We now teach children from 3 years to 18 years old and adults from 18 to 80. We are proud of where we have progressed to. We now use our experience and approach to assist all community groups improve their quality of life choices using swimming as a means.

Now that we are ten years old we wish to use some of that knowledge and experience to assist many more people – to get fitter – to get happier – to lower their risks around water – to help their families engage with water in a safer more healthy manner – with this in mind for our eleventh year we are engaging in our community with a number of community initiatives – we shall offer over 400 free community places to local school children with a Top Up swimming programme with the Bucks School Swimming Forum. We shall be offering water safety advice in partnership with the Bucks Fire Service. We shall be developing a range of water safety and swimming fitness advice over the next twelve months to help our community engage with water more safely and get more out of their swimming journey.

However as we expand and broaden our offers and deliver in more locations we need more really good people to help us deliver really good things who are driven by a strong desire to help our community and can bring their own strengths to an already strong group of people. We need staff who can:

Teach – swimming ranging from trainee’s to experienced teaching and coaching backgrounds in a variety of disciplines.

Communicate – help us expand our communication and marketing so we reach all parts of our community more effectively using digital media, word of mouth and physical media.

Manage – pools and new and existing swimming offers – help us develop new areas of our business and reach new groups in our community.

We have an ongoing requirement for more good people who can help us deliver more good things.

Please complete the form below and attach your CV as a PDF or Microsoft Word file (Max. file size 5MB).

We look forward to hearing from you.

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