Swim With Us

Transition Swimming

These 30 minutes lessons are aimed at raising three-year-olds focus, as well as creating a positive, comfortable environment for your child, to encourage independence in the water.

Private Lessons

These sessions are for non swimmers to intermediate swimmers who require 1-2-1 teaching, perfect for building confidence, practising technique and developing deep water and safety skills. To enquire email office@neilbaileyswimming.co.uk

Mixed Ability Group Lessons

Our core learn-to-swim programme. These 30 minute lessons are suitable for beginners up to an advanced level, grouped based on ability, we focus on building confidence, developing aquatic skills and teaching and correcting proper technique.

Strong Swimmer

Our finishing school for Cedar Park swimmers, this 30 minute lesson for only strong level swimmers, gives us the chance to use the whole pool to stretch and challenge swimmers technique.

Performance Swimming

Our non-competitive swim team. These lessons break down and re-build strokes to target areas of improvement for our advanced, pre-club standard swimmers.

Join the Neil Bailey Swimming Family Today

Via the button below you can view our available lessons on the calendar page, where you can also book on. For enquiries about courses or venues, please contact us directly either by email, office@neilbaileyswimming.co.uk, or by phone on 07938629129