What makes a great Swimming Teacher?

What makes a great Swimming Teacher?

Neil Bailey Swimming is very proud of our team of teachers, we have a strong idea of what makes a great teacher and someone who we would welcome to our team would have the following attributes.

  1. Passionate

All teachers must have a passion for their subject, to share the love of swimming is an important part of making our lessons fun.

  1. Friendly

We understand that swimming lessons can be scary at first, that a happy friendly face to reassure you and help you really makes so much difference.

  1. Encouraging

Like learning any new skill swimming can be hard, being about to encourage our swimmers on the bad days and challenge them on the good days helps them progress on their learn to swim journey.

  1. Organised

Swimming teachers must be organised to fit all the best bits into each of the lessons they deliver, structuring their class to make sure all the teaching points are explained and all exercises practised before its time for fun!

  1. Adaptable

No two swimmers are the same and it is so important for our teachers to understand and adapt how they teach to suit every individual. Different styles of learning require different methods and we reflect this in how we teach.

  1. Knowledgeable

With swimming there is so much to learn and to perfect. Our teachers are skilled and knowledgeable at every stroke helping their swimmers gain a full understanding of how best to perform each stroke and skill.

  1. Creative

We don’t aim for cookie cutter teaching and like to add variety through drills and games to keep learning to swim fun and engaging! Being inventive and creative helps us achieve unique lessons!

  1. Multitalented

Outside interests of sports, exercises, studies and experiences really helps us create a well-rounded team of people. We believe that we learn something from every teacher we employ so that our collective knowledge and talents are varied and broad to suit the people we teach.

  1. Patient

To be patient, to be calm and to trust the process allows our swimmers to do the same. Being able to resolve and explain helps create a great atmosphere for learning.

  1. Proactive

Planning ahead, noticing what needs correcting, analysing risk all needs to happen first – being proactive is vital for swimming teaching.

Do you think you fit the bill? Or know of someone who does, please contact us regarding joining our team of top teachers.