What is really like to learn to swim as an adult?

What is really like to learn to swim as an adult?

Neil Bailey Swimming is about to launch a new adult swimming group called ‘Ladies That Swim.’ These are 45 minute group lessons held in a Private Pool in Great Kingshill. Working on improving technique, aquatic skills and fitness these classes are perfect for ladies that wish to exercise in a calm environment for benefits for both body and mind.

Starting something new as an adult can be slightly daunting – here we have interviewed one of our current adult swimmers to find out what the experience of learning to swim as an adult is really like.

– What made me want to start adults swimming?

I have always enjoyed swimming and being in water, whether that be in a swimming pool or the ocean. I think I first started swimming at the age of six but at school it was never a priority and we never did enough of it. I knew I could swim but I wanted to swim well and that’s why I came to Neil Bailey Swimming.

– What have I learnt so far?

The biggest challenge for me became apparent within minutes of the first group lesson that I came to. Breathing! It is hard to imagine why I would find that so difficult considering I do it every day without having to think about it. However I learnt that breathing correctly whilst swimming is paramount.
The instructor worked with me using different apparatus (e.g. fins & floats) to first help me focus on my breathing. After a few lengths I really started to notice a difference and couldn’t believe I had been doing it wrong all this time.

– What’s the structure of a group lesson?

The group lessons are perfect for those who enjoy swimming but also want to hone in on certain skills and techniques required to improve  either a particular stroke or several. It is also a very friendly, welcoming environment with a touch of competitiveness as you swim alongside others. The instructors taught outside of the water with my group so they are able to gain an almost birds-eye view on what you are doing and are able to advise you accordingly.

– How do I want to progress and how am I supported?

Neil and his team of instructors are extremely supportive and encouraging. I continue to come to the group lessons to both better myself as a swimmer but also for the amazing health benefits.

For more information on adult swimming lessons visit our adult website or email adults@neilbaileyswimming.co.uk