A day in the life of a Neil Bailey Swimming teacher

A day in the life of a Neil Bailey Swimming teacher

Here at Neil Bailey Swimming, we pride ourselves on recruiting excellent teaching staff who share our passion for swimming. To get a feel for the role, we have asked Claire, an ASA Level 2 qualified Swimming Teacher, to answer some questions about working for Neil Bailey Swimming.

How did you get into swim coaching?

I started swimming competitively at Wycombe District Swimming Club when I was 7. I got involved with coaching when I was doing my GSCE in PE, it was part of the course to show coaching and leadership skills. I really enjoyed doing this and at the time I was swimming less so had some free time to lend a hand and give something back to my swimming club.

When did you decide to start teaching?

I was 19 and was feeling a bit stuck in my job. I was working with animals and I found it stressful and so I started to plan a change of career. I remembered how much I had enjoyed swimming myself and coaching swimming so I decided I would find about becoming a swimming teacher.

What qualifications do you have and what was the training process like?

I have an ASA Level 1 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics and ASA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics. I received my Level 1 Certificate in January 2017 and I went on to do my Level 2 course April 2018. Both courses consisted of theory and practical training and assessments the level 1 course was 4 days and the level 2 course was 8 days long. There is a lot of work involved, lesson planning, studying the technical aspects of each stroke and different teaching methods.

How long have you been with Neil Bailey Swimming and what drew you to work with us?

I have been working at Neil Bailey Swimming since September 2017. I was drawn to work here as I really liked the teaching approach – there are so many benefits to teaching in the water. I was also interested in the fact NBS doesn’t do badges but focuses on continual assessment which works much better for children who progress at different stages.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

The thing I love most about teaching is seeing the children progress. It’s a fun atmosphere at work and I really enjoy expressing this through the lessons I deliver.

 What does a shift usually entail?

I arrive with the other members of staff and help set up the pool and pool area with the equipment I need to deliver my lessons. We discuss the lessons planned and any notes regarding the children we have attending that day. We get ready to get in the water and teach our lessons until we are done for the day. When the lessons are finished all the teachers normally discuss how the day has gone and anything we need to prepare for the following week.

 Do you have any advice for people who want to become swimming teachers?

Do your research as to where you want to end up working, lots of swim schools and leisure centres have different approaches and I think it’s important to work out what type of swimming teacher you wish to be. If you are undecided I would encourage you to give it a go or perhaps think about volunteering to gain some understanding of what is involved – it’s a brilliantly rewarding job.

If you would like to join Neil Bailey Swimming, or would like more information on the roles we have available, please visit https://neilbaileyswimming.co.uk/join-our-team/