When is your child ready for lessons?

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When is your child ready for lessons?

Children can start swimming lessons as babies, they can experience the swimming pool, the thrills of submerging and enjoy this bonding experience with their parent. However, this isn’t for all families and some children don’t get to experience any form of swimming lessons until they are older. The big question is, how do you know when your child is ready to take the plunge?

Generally, we believe children should start swimming lessons at the age of three years old, at this stage children are growing more independent and show an interest in new experiences. They are physically able to kick and throw balls, therefore demonstrate the movements required to learn basic swimming technique.

It has to be said that all children are different, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. There are several factors to consider before enrolling your child in for lessons:

  • Does your child take basic instruction? Do they follow instructions delivered by adults other than their parents? Safety is the number one priority with any child where swimming is concerned. We need to ensure that your child will be able to follow basic water safety rules such as holding on to side or sitting still when it’s not their turn to swim.
  • Is your child happy in water? Do they enjoy bath time and getting their hair washed? Water confidence is the first step with beginner swimming lessons, so if they are reluctant to get their face wet, this is perfectly normal.
  • Has your child visited a swimming pool before? How did they respond? They are noisy, busy environments and once in the water it can be a sensory overload for young children.
  • Does your child enjoy any other clubs, groups or sessions where they interact with other adults and children they aren’t familiar with in new environments? Swimming lessons are a brand new experience in an unknown setting with unfamiliar faces.

If you have been able to answer yes to these questions, your child is ready to start swimming lessons! Come along to meet us and watch our lessons or book a trial lesson to get your child’s learn to swim journey started.

Your child doesn’t seem ready? Take them swimming as much as you can as a family and allow them to build confidence and happy memories of swimming. Allow them to play in the bath, getting noses, ears and hair wet, trying on goggles and blowing bubbles.

The most common reason for children not attending swimming lessons is FEAR – whilst they are young it is so important to build a positive association with water and swimming, remember children learn through play. There is no deadline, when your child is ready we look forward to showing them how much fun swimming lessons can be!

Contact us at office@neilbaileyswimming.co.uk if you would like to book a trial lesson or have any questions.