Private Pool Hire Search

Private Pool Hire Search

As many of you may know, Neil Bailey Swimming is preparing to launch our Adult Swimming Lessons. However, unlike our current offer, these lessons are not suitable for a school swimming pool. During our search for pools we could hire in the local area, we came across– a business set up by Brook White, a private pool owner, who established an online platform for like-minded owners looking to cover the running costs of their pool, whilst also allowing the local public to benefit from the facility.

Having witnessed the success of Brook’s venture, Neil Bailey Swimming would like to adopt a similar approach and work with a local private pool owner to form a mutually beneficial partnership. While Brook initially set up the hire website with the aim to cover the running costs of his own pool, he now makes an additional income from the rental. This model is lucrative, and a fantastic opportunity for both the pool owner, and prospective clients looking for a bespoke lessons in a private location.

We are looking to hire the pool for trial sessions and are keen to hear from anyone who feels their pool is a good match, or who knows someone who they think would be interested. Please get in touch via the contact details below:

Email Address: or

Phone Number: 07938 629129


If you would like to register your interest for our adult lessons, please click the link below: