Challenge Swimming – What is it? And why is it beneficial to swim during the school holidays?

Challenge Swimming School Holidays Club

Challenge Swimming – What is it? And why is it beneficial to swim during the school holidays?

Challenge Swimming is Neil Bailey Swimming’s answer to preventing swimming stagnation over the school holidays. Challenge was introduced as it became clear to us that taking a break between term time swimming lessons was not always in the best interest of those learning such an important skill. As mentioned in a previous blog post here, frequent repetition is key to gaining ‘muscle memory’ and learning a new skill and so adapting our service to offer year-round lessons, was in the best interests of those learning to swim.

With that being said, Challenge Swimming is different to our term time offer. The lessons are known as ‘intensive’ due to the rapid progress they encourage. At present, Challenge encompasses both 30-minute One-to-One lessons and 1-hour Group lessons. Both of these lessons have different aims and methods, but work towards the same outcome – independent, skillful swimming. Here is a summary of each:

  • One-to-One lessons: The One-to-Ones are currently our most popular lesson on offer. Each 30-minute session focuses on particular problem areas of the child’s swimming ability. Suitable for all ages and abilities, our teachers either adapt the lesson according to a specific request, or identify key areas that need improvement. The private tuition yields fantastic results regardless of previous ability and is perfect for children with additional needs who may struggle in a group setting. Whether your child is a nervous non-swimmer, or a strong swimmer in need of technique/stamina improvement, One-to-Ones are ideal.
  • Group lessons: Our Group lessons are particularly popular with those who are keen to keep up their swimming over the holidays. Each 1-hour session focuses on general technique improvement and stroke breakdown. Whilst these lessons cater to all abilities, some of our younger beginner swimmers may struggle with focusing for a full hour, consequently, these groups have their lessons broken down to include more games and fun activities, to encourage focus and progress. Group lessons are particularly suited to those who need repetition and practise on all 4 strokes, many customers choose to book 5 consecutive days of lessons, and find their child has made significant progress with both understanding and ability by the end. Feedback on your child’s progress is available on request.

Challenge Swimming is a fantastic opportunity for all children, regardless of ability, to either keep up with swimming or target that specific area of difficulty. If you would like more information about the programme, upcoming dates and booking details, please visit