Over the past two decades Neil Bailey Swimming has been teaching thousands of children to swim. We’ve collected some of their testimonials.

Children’s Testimonials

“Neil, when I came, I wanted it to end but now I don’t want it to end. It’s been the BEST time even. Now I can swim.” Blake

“You have taught me so much. Thank you! My experience has been incredible. I am so thankful. I’ve really enjoyed it.” Carrie-Ann

Teacher helping swimmer

“This has been an amazing time. I don’t want to stop.” Aron

“The swimming has really helped because the instructors explain it all. Thank you.” Edward

“I really liked the swimming and I learnt how to swim better and I know how to swim other ways and how to stay afloat on the water. Thank you for teaching me.” Ian

Teacher and Swimmer

“Thank you for helping me to swim because it really boosted me. Before I couldn’t even do backstroke confidently.” Jai

“Thank you, Neil and your team, for helping us every step of the way.” Aaron