Transition 4 Swimming

Transition 4 Swimming

Transition 4 Swimming

The concept?  – A kind and detailed introduction to group swimming lessons, perfect for children aged 3 – 4 who haven’t taken part in formal swimming lessons before or perhaps haven’t been in the water without parents before.

For some children swimming lessons are a big step, it can be an unnerving and upsetting experience for little ones and can result in a negative association with swimming. In order to make this step as smooth and as relaxed as possible, we run Transition 4 Lessons. Parents support from poolside and our calm, caring teachers teach from in the water. This block of 4, 30-minute lessons work to be progressive by reducing the 1-2-1 teacher contact gradually through the course of the four weeks to get the children used to independence in a group setting. Starting with their individual teacher the children will work on water confidence, be introduced to safe swimming – floating, holding on etc, and learn to take instruction in a group environment. Slowly we will change the teaching dynamic in a controlled and safe way to allow the swimmers to adapt and still feel supported. We will use equipment and toys to help them understand the swimming skills. At the end of course we expect children to be ready to join our mixed ability group lesson offer that runs 7 days a week from the same venue – a smooth transition with familiar faces to ease the next step of their learn to swim journey.

If you have any questions about this offer please email us and pop ‘Transition 4’ in the subject.

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What’s next? Once the 4-week block of Transition 4 swimming lessons is complete, the teacher will let you know that your child is ready to join our Mixed Ability Group Lessons as a beginner.

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