High March School Swimming Pool

High March School Swimming Pool

One of our venues is High March School Swimming Pool in Beaconsfield. It is 20 metres long and 7.5 metres wide and has a variable depth between 0.9 metres and 2 metres. Like Cedar Park this pool is a credit to the school it resides in. Much thought has gone into the pool design, construction and layout and this has resulted in a wonderful facility that provides us the flexibility to teach everything from complete beginners, children with additional needs to children with a national time. The venue has a superb under floor heating system, plenty of natural light, diving blocks and anti wave lane ropes. Poolside viewing is available on the last session of term for Mixed Ability Group Lessons and every session of our Performance Swimming.

High March is home to our Mixed Ability Group Lessons, Performance Swimming and our Challenge Swimming holiday courses.

Our Next Pool?

We are always on the look out for another venue or swimming pool development project to help us reach out to more swimmers in the area. Do you know an ideal location for our lessons? Do you own a swimming pool? Does your school or organization wish to build or develop a swimming pool? Take a look at our story so far and contact us to help us make swimming more accessible for children in Buckinghamshire. If we use your suggestion we will offer you one free term of swimming lessons for your child.

Join the Neil Bailey Swimming Family Today

Via the button below you can view our available lessons on the calendar page, where you can also book on. For enquiries about courses or venues, please contact us directly either by email, office@neilbaileyswimming.co.uk, or by phone on 07938629129