High March School Swimming Pool

High March School Swimming Pool

One of our venues is High March School Swimming Pool in Beaconsfield. It is 20 metres long and 7.5 metres wide and has a variable depth between 0.9 metres and 2 metres. Like Cedar Park this pool is a credit to the school it resides in. Much thought has gone into the pool design, construction and layout and this has resulted in a wonderful facility that provides us the flexibility to teach everything from complete beginners, children with additional needs to children with a national time. The venue has a superb under floor heating system, plenty of natural light, diving blocks and anti wave lane ropes. Poolside viewing is available on the last session of term for Mixed Ability Group Lessons and every session of our Performance Swimming.

High March is home to our Mixed Ability Group Lessons, Performance Swimming and our Challenge Swimming holiday courses.

Cedar Park School Swimming Pool

A wonderful, warm and friendly swimming pool that is 12.2 metres long, 6.5 metres wide and is a constant depth of 1.2 metres deep. It is a well-managed, clean swimming pool in a family friendly setting. The building itself is a transparent structure that provides lots of natural light, in the warmer summer months we are able to open up the sides to bring the outside in and create an almost outdoor swimming experience. The pool sits on the edge of the playground surrounded by trees at Cedar Park School which is a primary school where we are the resident school swimming teachers.

What makes Cedar Park swimming pool perfect or our lessons is the calm environment with little distraction un-like busy leisure centers with gym users, vending machines and noise. Parents are welcome to sit poolside and siblings can watch the lessons or play with a selection of toys. We currently teach over 500 children a week at this venue and have taught thousands here over the years.

Our current offers at this venue are Transition, Beginner Only, Mixed Ability Group Lessons and Strong Swimmer.

Cedar Park is also used for our Challenge Swimming holiday 1-2-1 courses.

33 Amersham Road

Walnut Tree House, Swimming Pool

This beautiful swimming pool in Lane End is the perfect swimming retreat. Home to Private Term Time Lessons and Adult Swimming



Clayton House

Clayton House Swimming Pooll

This is a lovely pool in Prestwood Home to Private Term Time Lessons 



Our Next Pool?

We are always on the look out for another venue or swimming pool development project to help us reach out to more swimmers in the area. Do you know an ideal location for our lessons? Do you own a swimming pool? Does your school or organization wish to build or develop a swimming pool? Take a look at our story so far and contact us to help us make swimming more accessible for children in Buckinghamshire. If we use your suggestion we will offer you one free term of swimming lessons for your child.


Project Thunderbirds

Project Thunderbirds is an ambitious, 3-year project, with the aim to produce a state-of-the-art, inclusive swimming pool complex in the heart of the local community. The facility will be a Bourne End Junior Sports Club (BEJSC) building, in collaboration with Neil Bailey Swimming, and will offer a space for use by the Bourne End Junior Swimming Club, Neil Bailey Swimming and other BEJSC factions.

The facility will include two swimming pools, the main pool will be 25 meters, with 6 lanes, and a depth of 2 meters at one end and 1.1 at the other. Diving blocks will be positioned at the deep end and there will be a thermal range of 28-30°C. The second pool will be for ‘learn to swim’ programmes and additional elite training. 10 meters in length, 3-4 lanes wide, and with a variable depth of 1-2 meters and a moving water system. There will be a highly accessible changing facility, separate staff changing rooms, small seating area/café for parents/carers, dry-side studio(s) and coach and car parking facilities.

The building itself will feature an anechoic roof design to suppress white noise and the ability to change lighting to fit those with sensory light sensitivities. The entire facility will have geometric pattern and colour considerations to reduce distractions, allowing a much more diverse and inclusive group of users to be accommodated with a far higher percentage of our community to swim. In addition, the operation of the building will aspire to be carbon neutral. The picture below is a conceptual artistic impression on what we feel the pool atmosphere will be.

The key focus of the project will be ‘accessibility’, offering a swimming pool fit for user’s needs, with design sensitivity for those with disabilities and additional needs. This complex will be a facility built for specific swimming use, both carbon neutral in operation and aesthetically sympathetic to the local landscape.

Our initial fundraising initiative aims to generate the first £100,000 to kick-start the project and go towards land acquisition and the initial design process. If you are interested in supporting our project and would like to donate, our GoFundMe page is:

Any donation is appreciated. Thank you!

Private Pool Search…

Neil Bailey Swimming is preparing to launch our Adult Swimming Lessons and we are looking to work with a local private pool owner to form a mutually beneficial partnership. We would like to hire a pool for trial sessions and are keen to hear from anyone who feels their pool is a good match, or who knows someone who they think would be interested. Please get in touch via the contact details below:

Email Address: or

Phone Number: 07938 629129

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