Replacement Lesson Policy

At Neil Bailey Swimming we believe the best results are achieved with consistent learning and practise. Therefore, we recommend that your child attends every lesson that they are enrolled in.

However, we understand that children are sometimes unwell and school or family events can clash with their swimming lessons. Equally, on occasion we have to decide to cancel lessons based on the safety of the site during bad weather, or to allow important maintenance work to be carried out on the swimming pool.

In each circumstance we like to offer a replacement lesson to help your child continue with their swimming practice. Please be aware of the following;

Make – Up Lesson – refers to a lesson arranged in lieu of a class that was paid for but not provided (lessons cancelled due to snow days, pool maintenance etc. )

* A make up lesson will be offered for every lesson that we are unable to provide.

* In the situation where we cannot offer a replacement lesson a non-exchangeable or refundable voucher is offered for our Challenge Swimming holiday Group offer.

* The offer to replace a lesson expires 14 days after the original lesson was cancelled.

Catch – Up Lesson – refers to a lesson arranged in lieu of a class that was paid for but not attended due to illness, or unavoidable schedule clashes.

* A catch – up lesson can only be arranged before the missed lesson

* You cannot accumulate or carry catch – up lessons across terms.

* Space permitting, each child is able to arrange one catch – up lesson per half term period, if you are missing more than one lesson each half term, we advise you make a change to your original booking.

All make up and catch up lessons can be booked via email or on poolside. We are unable to guarantee that your preferred time or teacher is available. We will not reschedule your replacement lessons or offer credit in place of them.

Please consider the following when arranging your replacement or catch up lesson;

* The office or poolside staff will approve requested lessons if there is availability and the additional swimmer will not disrupt the current class dynamic – this is to ensure everyone experiences a great lesson!

* The safety and quality of our lessons take priority over any scheduling needs therefore certain classes might not be available for replacement lessons.

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